Warranty, Guarantee, Return Policy

(1) In the event that your product is delivered defective, the Customer retains the right to request a repair of the defect or a replacement of the product. The replacement product shall be free of any defects. 

(2) The Company reserves the right to refuse to repair a defective product, as requested by the Customer, if the Company discovers that a repair would result in excessive or unreasonable costs to the Company.

(3) If the product’s defect is unable to be repaired or the Company refuses to remedy the situation, the Customer retains the right to terminate the sales contract, request a reduction in the purchase price, or claim damages and/or additional frustrated expenses. Each aforementioned case must be in accordance with applicable law, provided that the Customer’s claims of damage exist in accordance with the terms listed in the Terms and Conditions.

(4) The Company offers a product warranty which is valid for one year following the date of the product’s delivery. In the case of used or refurbished products, provided the product has been serviced or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

(4.1) In addition to the statutory warranty, grant for carbon/aluminium frames 3 years guarantee from the date of purchase.

(5) Our warranty is dependant on the following conditions, regardless of the limitation of the Customer’s warranty:

(i) Warranties do not cover damages to products that are caused by inappropriate use, or use of the product for other than its intended purpose. The following examples will void the Customer’s warranty:

-Product neglect (failure to maintain and care for product)
-Modifications of the fork or frame (engraving, lacquering, etc) 
-Mounting or alteration of any other components which were not specifically approved by the Company. This includes the replacement of the product’s original components with unapproved components of a lesser quality. 

-Crashing or wreckage
-Jumping of the product
-Overloading the product’s weight limit 
-Any other excessive overuse or overloading 

(ii) the Company reserves the right to choose to either repair product damage or replace the product with a new, similar product.

(iii) In the event that the Company is required to replace the frame or fork, the Company will attempt to adhere to the original color used on the product. In the event that the original color is unavailable, deviations from the product’s original color may be unavoidable.

(iv) Product warranty rights are limited only to the aforementioned points. Should any additional costs be incurred, such as costs that are associated with assembly or transport, or costs for material in the event of a necessary model change, these costs will not be covered by the Company. The Customer is responsible for covering these costs.

(v) Our warranty is only valid for the product’s original purchaser.

(vi) We offer a 30 day return policy to our Customers. The 30 day period begins upon receipt of product delivery, and the Customer is obliged to return the product within 30 days, if desired.