Naran 80

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Our engineering team developed the Naran using the most current state-of-the-art technology and knowledge from the aerospace industry.  Hand crafting of the rim is by the one of the leading carbon fiber production facilities in China with direct oversight for quality control by Sarma.  A unique engineered final layer provides additional damage protection and finishes the rim to be one of the best looking rims on the market.  After testing of hundreds of variables, the double wall construction at 650 grams achieves an optimal balance of weight, stiffness and durability. These rims are tubeless ready and perform great at super low pressure.  Offset and Centered patterned available.


Width: 80 mm
Weight: 650g
Types of drilling:
Universal drilling (Dual hole pattern, 64 holes. Offset and centered. Spoke holes offset ± 11 mm)
Centered drilling (32 holes, centered only. Spoke holes offset ± 11 mm)
Offset drilling (32 holes, offset only. Spoke holes offset 11 mm from center)
Compatible with tubeless 
Drilled for Presta valve.


These wheels are not a trivial investment, but the initial quality, demonstrated durability, and dramatic weight reduction all combine to make them a solid value. Get a pair–you won’t be disappointed!  

The massive reduction in rotating weight is instantly noticeable. Acceleration is snappier, steering is easier, and it reduces the gyroscopic effect exhibited by most fat wheels at higher speeds.

I laced up these wheels about 4 months ago and I haven’t had any issues with the set up. I was a bit cautious at first with the carbon rims, but after riding them pretty hard in a variety of conditions, the Naran’s have held up extremely well. They have solid construction and although the double wall rim is built for weight savings it can stand up a beating.

Jim has been riding the Sarmas for both fun and for his urban commute. After several rides he reported that the the rims basically disappear and simply do their job. He’s been running between 10 and 15psi depending on where and how he is riding.


Universal or Centered drilled rims, What rim is the best choice for my fat bike?

Centered drilling
Centered drilled are designed for frames with symmetrical rear feathers. For example, Salsa, Fatback, etc. 

Universal drilling
These rims can be used with both symmetric and offset frames. Build-up the wheels using the appropriate holes and simply seal the unused holes with the supplied stickers to prevent dirt from getting into the rim. With universal drilled rims your carbon Naran rims can be used with any frame set-up, so that your investment and performance will not be lost with any fat bike frame upgrade. 
* We do not recommend using our 80mm rims for Surly Moonlander and other frames with 28mm offset, for those bikes we offer 100mm rims."

Recommended tire pressure:
Max Rim pressure:
Max rider weight limit:
Max Spoke Tension:
Recommended valve’s length:
Recommended width of tubeless tape:
Recommended spokes nipples:
12 mm x 2.0 mm