Crash replacement

It’s a sad fact: For bikers, there is no really safe environment. Mishaps happen! Bikers can end up in accidents where the damage to their bikes is not covered by their insurance.

However, there is an alternative. Our aim is to get bikers back to riding their bikes in as short a time as possible.

To this end we offer Crash Replacement. This means that if the damage is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty, we will cover it.

There are two stipulations. The biker claiming the repairs must be its original owner. The claim must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase of the bike.

You can claim crash replacement by contacting us via email. In your email, be sure to explain accurately and succinctly how the damage occurred. Include pictures if you have them.

Your written and pictorial account will help us assess the extent of the damages. Next, a representative of our service department will discuss options for proceeding.

If we discover the damage to your bike has been caused by willful destruction, or the damage is superficial, your claim will not be valid.

You can use the crash replacement program only once in the first three years after the bike has been acquired.

Product 1st year    2nd year    3rd year  
Carbon frame "Shaman" $712 $757 $801
Carbon frameset "Shaman" $840 $893 $945
Aluminium frame "Vortex" $320 $340 $360
Aluminium frameset "Vortex" (Frame + Carbon fork Hoboy) $440 $468 $495
Carbon Rim “Naran” 29+ $280 $298 $315
Carbon Rim “Naran” 80 $300 $319 $338
Carbon Rims “Naran” 100 $312 $332 $351
Carbon fork “Hoboy” QR versions $168 $179 $189
Carbon fork “Hoboy” TA versions $184 $196 $207

*All prices in USD