Naran 100 Wheelsets


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DT Revolution laced wheelset of Naran carbon rims to Sarma hubs ready for racing and fun. Special final layer provides additional damage protection. Our double wall construction helps to achieve optimal weight, stiffness and durability. Dual wall construction and rim weight of 750g is optimum, which came from hundreds of different tested variants. These rims are easy to run tubeless at low pressure. Naran wheelsets are the best money upgrade you can make on your bike.


Width: 100 mm Weights: Front: 135mm=1150g, 190mm=1300g
Type of drilling centered. (32 holes, spoke holes offset ± 11 mm)
Compatible to run tubeless.
Drilled for Presta valve.


Overall, the wheelset has a very nice build quality. The beads and finish of the rims were perfect. Graphics are subdued enough but still noticeable (they match the Specialized Fatboy Expert they were on perfectly). All the spokes were properly tensioned and the wheels were true. The hubs roll smooth on sealed bearings and the skewers are nothing fancy but did their job.

Got mine a few days. Gotta build up rear wheel for my Moonlander with offset hub but I am excited to put them on and run tubeless with a wheel that is set up for tubeless.

Recommended tire pressure:
Max rider weight limit:
Max Spoke Tension:
Recommended valve’s length:
Recommended width of tubeless tape:
Recommended spokes nipples:
12 mm x 2.0 mm

Set of two wheels