Advantages of Direct Sales

Better Value, Better Price

At Sarma Bikes, we strive to become a closer advantage to direct shipping models. If you're sick and tired over overpaying for bike products because of the middle man, then you're already on board with us.

We are trying to change the future of cycling industry The world is changing rapidly. Technologies help us to provide services that weren't not available from 5-10 years ago.  The Internet helps to provide all required information and support, air freight became more affordable and it takes less time than in past. Average time of shipping decreases to 7-10 days. Therefore our customers can have products at a lesser price and with better service. We think you too will believe in benefits of our direct model.


Better Products Directly to You

Tired of paying up to 100% mark-up from the initial bike costs to dealers or distributors?  Our goal at Sarma Bikes is to ensure that we are providing nothing but the best bikes, and the best components, at the best price.

To do this, we have switched to  direct shipping to our clients, and mitigating dealers and distributors. This helps us reduce our prices significantly, as well as becoming that much closer to all of our customers and clients. At Sarma Bikes, we value our customers, and we want to ensure that they are getting nothing but individual service that is only tailored to their needs.





Better Connection to Rider Feedback

By communicating with our consumers directly, we are getting better feedback and faster improvement on our products!

Traditional markets have a factory, a distributor, a dealer, and a client. However, at Sarma Bikes, we have a factory and a client. It's literally that simple, and we wouldn't have it any other way! For example, we have some of the most advanced Fat Bikes and components that come directly from us, not from the middle man. Because of this, we have the best prices around, guaranteed.