About Us

Why Fatbikes? 
Some members of our team live in Siberia, Russia. This is a place where fatbikes make sense. No matter the season or the weather,  these bikes give the rider advantages which are not available with any other type of cycling. Rain or snow will never hold you back when you ride a fatbike. Our team is inspired by the accessibility they can provide, and we plan to provide the cycling world with the most advanced carbon fiber components, and frames that the world has ever seen. 

Who We Are
We are a well-balanced team of specialists. Every member of our team possesses a deep knowledge of cycling and bicycle components. We don’t believe it is necessary for a corporation to be large in order to produce the best products in any given field. In fact, we believe that our small corporation size is an asset, allowing us mobility and flexibility within the industry. 
We believe that the best cycling products are created by specialists in a strong, interconnected team.We are that team!

Our team consists of the following divisions: 

Product Managers
Our product managers are avid fatbike riders and understand every advantage and disadvantage of each detail or component of this field. With this deep knowledge and extensive experience, our product managers are able to create newer, better products and improve existing products. 

Where are the most advanced engineers in carbon fiber creation? They can, of course, be found in the aerospace industry, which is why we have in-house aerospace specialists on our team. Our design and stress engineers utilize powerful CAD systems and experience from the aerospace sciences field to develop the lightest and most durable bicycles for your riding pleasure. 

Our production team includes only the best factories and the most highly skilled factory workers. 

If you have any questions, please contact us