Carbon Fatbike rim Naran 80

  • We carry the first carbon rim suitable for currently marketed fat bikes with offset and like centered wheels. This rim is created using the best technology and knowledge from the aerospace industry. Special final layer provides additional damage protection. Our double wall construction helps to achieve optimal weight, stiffness and durability. Dual wall construction and 650g it’s optimum, which came from hundreds of different tested variants. We wanted to achieve result, when you for 100% sure in your equipment. These rims are tubeless ready and work on super low pressure within the tube as well.

    Width: 80 mm
    Weight: 650g
    Types of drilling:
    Universal drilling (Dual hole pattern, 64 holes. Offset and centered. Spoke holes offset ± 11 mm)
    Centered drilling (32 holes, centered only. Spoke holes offset ± 11 mm)
    Offset drilling (32 holes, offset only. Spoke holes offset 11 mm from center)
    Compatible with tubeless
    Drilled for Presta valve.
  • ERD: 534 mm
    ERTRO: 559 mm

    Recommended tire pressure: 10-15 PSI
    Max rider weight limit: 110 kg
    Max Spoke Tension: 100 kgf
    Recommended valve’s length: 35 mm
    Recommended width of tubeless tape 50-65 mm
    Recommended spokes nipples: 12 mm

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