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Sarma turns to direct shipping

October 02, 2015

Less mediators, less price At Sarma Bikes, we strive to become a closer advantage to direct shipping models. If you're sick and tired over overpaying for bike products because of the middle man, then you're already on board with us. We are trying to change future of cycling industry The world is changing rapidly. Technologies help us to provide services that weren't not available from 5-10 years ago. Internet helps to provide all required information and support, air mail became more affordable and it takes lesser time than in past. Average time of shipping decreases to 7-10 days. Therefore customers could have products with lesser price and with better service. We do believe in feature of direct model.The best bikes&components... Continue Reading → testing of Naran 100mm Wheelset

October 09, 2014

Sarma Naran 100mm Wheelset – Carbon & Tubeless By Gomez on September 25, 2014 in Hubs, Tires, Wheels Mi nombre esta es Gomez and I ‘m a frequent tire changer. The fat-bike dot com test kitchens are a revolving door of all sorts of fat-bike tires, so I get the opportunity to try out new sneakers all of the time. That’s my excuse for not having gone tubeless, before now….but that’s all about to change. For the next six weeks, I’ll be testing a set of Sarma 100mm Naran Carbon rims laced to buttery smooth Sarma hubs. They came from Sarma USA where the wheels were hand built and meticulously prepared to be Tubeless ready with two narrow strips... Continue Reading →