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Changing the way you see fat bikes. Using the most cutting edge and state of the art technologies, technics, and aerospace science, we manufacture visually stunning fat bikes with incredible performance capabilities. As a result of our passionate hard work, you will be a proud owner of one of the best products in the bicycle industry! 


Choosing right fork for fatbike

April 03, 2016

There are a lot of different bike models on the market today. If you decide to upgrade your present bike with a carbon fork, it’s not always as easy as you might think, so here is detailed guide about this. Axle to crown An important measurement to consider is what’s called “axle to crown”. It’s all about geometry. You see: different bikes have different dimensions. If you tried to install a fork where the length from the axle to the crown does not match the length of the fork then you will be in trouble. Higher fork - and front end and bottom bracket will be higher too, and head tube angle will be slacker. Lower fork - conversely. Sarma... Continue Reading →

Color customization of Sarma Naran 80 rims

March 09, 2016

We are all unique. All have different minds, thoughts, tastes. And most of us like to show individuality, especially in such a personal thing - bicycle. Rims on fatbikes have a huge color impact to exterior, and now you can forget about identical boring black wheels. We are happy to introduce fully color customization of our Sarma Naran 80 mm rims.    Check out industry all new custom color customization options : I.Colors 1. One color. Black (Default) Green (+25 USD/1 pcs) Blue (+25 USD/1 pcs) Orange (+25 USD/1 pcs) White (+25 USD/1 pcs) Yellow (+25 USD/1 pcs) Custom (by pantone) http://www.pantone.com/color-finder 1. Few colors. a) (+55 USD/1pcs)   Options to choose by sides: -Left -Right -Center b) (+60 USD/1pcs)... Continue Reading →