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Sarma launch crash replacement

November 06, 2015

It’s a sad fact: For bikers, there is no really safe environment. Mishaps happen! Bikers can end up in accidents where the damage to their bikes is not covered by their insurance. However, there is an alternative. Our aim is to get bikers back to riding their bikes in as short a time as possible. To this end we offer Crash Replacement. This means that if the damage is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty, we will cover it. There are two stipulations. The biker claiming the repairs must be its original owner. The claim must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase of the bike. You can claim crash replacement by contacting us via email. In your email, be sure to explain... Continue Reading →

Sarma turns to direct shipping

October 02, 2015

Less mediators, less price At Sarma Bikes, we strive to become a closer advantage to direct shipping models. If you're sick and tired over overpaying for bike products because of the middle man, then you're already on board with us. We are trying to change future of cycling industry The world is changing rapidly. Technologies help us to provide services that weren't not available from 5-10 years ago. Internet helps to provide all required information and support, air mail became more affordable and it takes lesser time than in past. Average time of shipping decreases to 7-10 days. Therefore customers could have products with lesser price and with better service. We do believe in feature of direct model.The best bikes&components... Continue Reading →