Sarma Bikes American Distribution in Michigan!

April 24, 2014

We are pleased to partner with Scott Sikkema and Steve Chaffee of Quiver LLC, Grand Rapids, who will be the USA Distributors for Sarma Bikes, doing business as Sarma USA.  Sarma is looking forward to working with local bikes shops and suppliers to bring our world class fat bike components and both carbon and aluminum bikes to fat bike enthusiasts.  Sarma will change the way you think about fat bikes -- they are not just for winter anymore.  The 80mm carbon Naran rims and wheel sets, as well as hubs and  carbon forks and  are available now.  And the 100mm carbon Naran rims and full carbon fat bike, Shaman, are in production and will be available shortly.  All USA orders... Continue Reading →

Advanced engineering for creating brand-new carbon rim for fatbike

February 07, 2014

In this article we would like to tell about the approach we used to develop our fatbike rim, Naran 80. The first step was to understand how does the rim work, what loads and how frequently act on it. At this stage we closely collaborate with the product manager. Product manager is a person with basic engineering knowledge who can speak the same language with the engineers. But more importantly he is that person with the vision of what the product should look like, how it should behave, and what requirements should be set. Also, the product manager largely determines the required weight criteria as well as some other physical properties of the product. For example, can a wheel collide... Continue Reading →